Why Are Models So Skinny?

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 02 August 2022
Why Are Models So Skinny?

Skinny models must have caught your eye while watching a fashion show, especially since such bodies may not be seen except in such shows. Why are models so skinny? Here's the truth about this fashion industry reality.

Why Are Models So Skinny?

If you are in the modeling business, you may find yourself asking: why are models so skinny? The secret behind this is that many designers think their clothes look better on slimmer models. When showing off their newest fashions, it is clear that designers want their clothes to look as beautiful as possible. For this to happen, clothing must flex and flow, which naturally happens when placed on a tall, skinny frame, even though the size of mannequins is not the healthy size of an actual human!

Moreover, designers do not aim to highlight the aesthetics of the models’ bodies but rather the beauty of the fashion piece itself, and in order for the public to pay more attention to the clothes that a woman wears rather than her general appearance, these designers tend to choose models with very skinny bodies.

How Did Models Become This Thin?

While some models follow a healthy diet and exercise constantly to reach the very skinny size in which they appear in the shows, a large number of them address wrong and very strict methods, which may reach the point of cutting solid food from their diet and drinking only liquids, as some of them admitted that they only eat one apple throughout the day, eating only one slice at a time, with no other meals to fill their stomachs in an effort to cut back on the number of calories they consume during the day as much as possible.

Unfortunately, there are a large number of models being diagnosed with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia because the industry encourages them to "keep in shape". Some of the models even collapsed during photo shoots and were taken to hospitals.

Since a small waist is a requirement for most catwalks and photo shoots, some models have used dangerous, possibly fatal, methods to lose weight, the strangest of which was smoking addiction because it causes loss of appetite and reduces the amount of food they consume, while some models swallowed cotton balls that expand in the stomach and make them feel full without eating anything, while the worst part is that some models use laxatives to get rid of the food they ate as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, it seems that the fashion industry has recently started to move in the right direction albeit slowly, as we can now see the increasing number of campaigns employing plus-size models and models of medium and healthy weight to get rid of the toxic modeling that prevailed for a long time!

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