How To Get Back In Routine After Ramadan

  • Publish date: Friday، 07 May 2021
How To Get Back In Routine After Ramadan

Ramadan forces us to adapt a new routine, some of us wake up for Suhoor while others stay awake till Al Faj prayers, either way, our sleep schedule flips upside down during the Holy Month. As Ramadan's last day approaches, the question of "how do we get back into a healthy routine" is definitely on our mind.

A healthy routine is essential as it helps with not only our physical health but also our mental health and since Ramadan put us in the routine of having our first meal during Maghrib and having Suhoor late at night this kind of messed up our routines that we had pre-Ramadan.

“Your metabolic process undergoes a change because of the difference in eating schedules and timings,” cautions Jasna Kizhakkeveetil, a dietician based at Aster Clinic in Dubai’s Al Qusais told the National. “It is essential to ensure that you make a smooth transition from fasting into a regular dietary routine.”

To get back and change the routine your body got used to during Ramadan, start slowly through baby steps.

For example, consume big breakfasts that make you feel full to refrain from eating much at night.

Ruba El-Hourani, a clinical dietician at RAK Hospital, recognizes that returning to a normal eating routine can be far from straightforward. As she also advices to ensure that you have a balanced died as she told the National, “Try to avoid foods that have simple sugars and meals that are rich in fat and high in calories. People should also reduce their caffeine intake, as well as fizzy drinks.”

On the other hand, Nour AlMheiri, clinical dietician at Healthpoint, told the National,  “If we go back to our eating habits before Ramadan, which is three big meals and sweets in-between, our body will go into shock.”

She also added saying “I recommend trying to eat every four hours while steering away from fat and sugar. This is very important.”

Getting back into routine is not hard, yet the most important thing to bear in mind is to do so in a healthy manner!

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