How To Make Your Dewa Bill Payment Online ? Less Time Less Effort!

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 14 September 2021 Last update: Wednesday، 15 September 2021
How To Make Your Dewa Bill Payment Online ? Less Time Less Effort!

The 4 letters of DEWA stand for the Dubai Electricity and water authority that oversees everything related to both, in the past and before 1992 exactly, they used to be 2 separate entities, but Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid al Maktoum has merged them into one, now What Dewa has done is that it made paying for your water or electricity bill much easier by providing the option for DEWA bill payment online or do that in person. 

Your full guide to making a Dewa bill payment online 

Smart App 

You can make your DEWA bill payment online without ever having to leave your house from the comfort of your own couch by scanning the bar code in the bottom section of your green bill, through the DEWA smart app , download the smart app on either Andriod or IOS system and go ahead log in to your account, view your electricity bill and make your payment, you can also pay for another persons’ bill if you wanted to as long as you have enough credit in your bank account as well as their account details, which makes it easier to pay for multiple bills in one platform. 

DEWA Website 

 Don’t want to download the smart app to make a Dewa payment online ? No worries, make one today through the Dewa official website, log in using your UAE pass or Dewa ID, and get your electricity bill paid effortlessly. 


Noqodi is used for electronic payments through Dubai pay, the reason for the existence of Noqodi is to make paying larger sums of money online easier through a very secure method instead of the regular cheques and bank transfers, and if you were wondering how to pay DEWA bill through Noqodi then just follow those steps: 

  • You can either make a DEWA bill payment online through your: 
    • Noqodi e-wallet 
    • Noqodi Net banking (UAEGPS) 
  • There is no limit for your payments using both methods unless your bank or you has set a certain limit for your online banking. 
  • There is a certain amount of VAT you must pay with your DEWA bill amount, follow this list to check how to make Dewa bill calculation with the additional service charge you must pay. 
  • For e-wallet: 
    • 0 – 100 is 1 + VAT 
    • 101 – 200 is 2 + VAT 
    • >200 is 3 + VAT 
    • For net banking: 
    • >0 – 25000 is 5 + VAT 
    • 25001 – 50000 is 10 + VAT 
    • 50001 – 75000 is 15 + VAT 
    • Above 75000 Is 20 + VAT 
  • You can make any payment you want if you have a Noqodi account and if you do not then you can easily register for one through their main website. 

Pay via Mobile SMS (MPay) 

One of the easiest ways to pay your DEWA bill is via SMS on your smartphone. You can register through this link to activate your mobile service; you can also schedule it to deduct that amount from your credit card monthly.  

Through MPay you can do more than DEWA bill payment online , such as: 

In-person methods to make your DEWA bill payment 

There are several methods to make your DEWA bills payment in cash, such as: 

  • Etisalat Public Payment Machines 
  • Banks Accepting DEWA Bill Payments 
  • Tayseer (Smart Collection Platform) 
  • Drive through payments 
  • Through Mail services

How To Make Your Dewa Bill Payment Online ? Less Time Less Effort!

  • Go to www DEWA gov ae bill enquiry . 
  • Enter your account number for DEWA bill inquiry or your premise number. 
  • If you do not know what your account or premise number is then you can find it on your DEWA green bill . 
  • Your DEWA bill view would be available now after you successfully completed the steps above. 

How to lower electric bill in apartment ? 

Were you trying to pay your DEWA bills then got shocked by the value your DEWA bill showed? Is your electricity bill payment taking a lot more of your salary than it should? Well, it is time to start saving on using electricity, following this simple advice: 

  • Replace all of your old bulbs that withdraw more electricity than they should with the latest energy-saving ones. 
  • Invest in a good AC that is power saving with an inventor built in it, keep it maintained and cleaned monthly, and do not play with the temperature settings frequently, it is better to set it on one of them only. 
  • Do not keep the lights on in a room that you are not currently using. 
  • Replace all your heaters with electricity or gas-fueled ones with solar-powered versions. 
  • Let your recently cooked food cool down before putting it in the fridge. 
  • Do only laundry when your washing machine is full of dirty clothes to its’ max capacity.How To Make Your Dewa Bill Payment Online ? Less Time Less Effort!

We believe that our DEWA bill payment guide has helped you pay your electricity bill or complete a DEWA bill inquiry easily as well as give you helpful ideas on how to reduce your electric bill. If you liked this article, check our UAEMOMENTS website for more related content. 

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