How To Pay For Parking In Dubai ? 5 Different Methods

  • Publish date: Sunday، 31 October 2021
How To Pay For Parking In Dubai ? 5 Different Methods

How To Pay For Parking In Dubai ?

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Dubai is well known for having an extremely sophisticated and improvised public parking system, however, if you are wandering around with your car in the streets, chances are pretty depressing for finding a space to park in, and if you were to park in Dubai you would have to use the public parking system and pay the required fees that change on hourly basis.

Today at Uaemoments we will cover all 5 different methods you can use to pay for the parking fees in Dubai .


Using Coins

The most traditional and easiest way of paying parking fees in Dubai is through locating the orange parking sign in the zone and paying with coins, most payment machines accept either 1 Dirham or 50 fils coins, the fees can be paid by inserting the coins and adding them up to the request value of the fees for the desired parking time after payment is done, the person would receive a ticket that they should display on the car dashboard.

A lot of people, however, do not carry coins with them all the time, therefor other payment methods make it easier for such people.

Pay through RTA smart app

RTA smart app is a method to pay parking costs in Dubai through smartphones, the app has got a wide selection of RTA services such as the payment of public parking fees, and usually, the paid amount is deducted from your phone balance.

  • Start by downloading the app.
  • It is important to register the parked vehicle through the application.

Follow the listed steps on the app to pay the parking fees.

Make sure that the phone registered has enough balance in it to cover the parking spot fees.


Another popular method to pay parking fees in Dubai is through SMS, this service (mParking) has been launched by RTA for paying parking fees using a mobile phone without the need for internet or carrying coins or credit cards, or even NOL cards, this service can be used by people holding Du or Etisalat Sim cards, however, to use this service, the user must register their parked car with the car plate number, and insert all the details from the parking zone or detail to the parking time needed, as well as the time duration for parking.

  • Send the detailed SMS to 7257 PARK.

Pay with Nol Cards

NOL cards are usually used to pay for transportation in Dubai, for example using the tram or water bus or metro or a normal bus, all of that can be paid for using a Valid and charged NOL card, however, did you know that NOL cards can be used to pay for parking fees? 

You will be charged from the NOL balance and receive a parking ticket once you use it.

how to pay parking in dubai

Pay with Prepaid parking cards

If it is difficult to pay with a phone, or NOL cards or coins, and even SMS, then there is a method for payment through prepaid cards through RTA, all you got to do is insert your prepaid card into the machine in the parking spot to pay the fee, to avoid the hassle of having coins for parking every time you go out, those prepaid parking cards can be bought for dedicated parking zones, you need to purchase a parking permit for the time needed, for a month or year, or a quarter of a year, and they can be bought by paying 30, 50 or 100 AEDs.

Parking fees in Dubai can be different, depending on the zone and the time required to park the car, however, it is easy to pay for that no matter what situation you find yourself in.  This was all about how to pay parking Dubai .
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