This Airline Introduced Budget-Friendly Flights From UAE to Pakistan

  • Publish date: Friday، 02 February 2024
This Airline Introduced Budget-Friendly Flights From UAE to Pakistan

Karachi-based budget airline Fly Jinnah, a collaboration between Lakson Group and Air Arabia, is expanding to the UAE, launching its first international service between Islamabad and Sharjah on February 17th.

The carrier, established in October 2022, has been serving domestic routes in Pakistan, connecting major cities. The addition of two Airbus A320s to its fleet, bringing the total to five aircraft, supports its expansion.

The move into the UAE market aims to strengthen economic ties between the countries. Fly Jinnah received international route permits in October 2022 and plans to extend its services to Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkiye, and the UAE.

The airline's introduction of low-cost flights is expected to enhance connectivity and accessibility for travelers while contributing to economic growth.

Fly Jinnah's successful domestic operations and fleet expansion underscore its commitment to providing affordable travel options and fostering stronger aviation links between Pakistan and the UAE. The airline's entry into international routes aligns with its strategic plans for regional connectivity and signifies a milestone in its relatively short operational history.