How To Visit The Amazing Expo 2020 lake ?

  • Publish date: Saturday، 30 October 2021 Last update: Sunday، 31 October 2021
How To Visit The Amazing Expo 2020 lake ?

As Dubai has opened the greatest event of all time this October, hosting amazing events from all around the world, we recommend you visit the lake of expo 2020 that is located near Al Maktoum international airport.

An iconic design for Expo lake

expo 2020 lake directions

The design of expo 2020 lake when looked by with a birds eye view is actually the same as the expo logo design, which means when flying in or out of Al Maktoum international airport. Visitors and people leaving will be able to view this gem that was man-made built by the Dubai municipality.

While a lot of images leaked in the past where people claimed this flower-shaped looking lake might be photoshopped, it was not, this was actually a project from the government for Expo 2020 , it is said that the economic effect Expo 2020 would have on Dubai would actually last for years, so investing in a man-made lake for this wonderful event? Why not! Dubai has surely made headlines this time worldwide.

How to go to Expo 2020 lake?

If you are currently in UAE or planning on heading there to visit Expo 2020, and would like to go to the lake, you can head there along the D63 route past the final exit and then turn right on the road, it is actually the same road that leads to Al Qudra lakes, it is easier to use this google maps link and find your directions from your current spot.

All participating countries were given a huge opportunity to set up their own pavilion and share their nations’ culture and pride, aligning with Expos’ three themes, Sustainability, mobility, and opportunity.

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