KR&CO; Delivers Wellness, Right to Your Doorstep With Prep & Co!

No compromises on taste with the promise of health by KR&CO;’s meal plan concept - Prep & Co

  • Publish date: Thursday، 16 June 2022
KR&CO; Delivers Wellness, Right to Your Doorstep With Prep & Co!

For those wishing to lead a healthier lifestyle but do not have the time for meal preps, KR&CO has just announced the launch of their meal plan concept, Prep & Co which is a blessing you didn’t know you needed! 

The UAE-based multi-concept holding company founded by husband-wife duo, Ranya and Khaled Fadly, is introducing a new concept following the success of their 17 F&B concepts, including Acai & Co, Poke & Co, and Chick’n Co to name a few. While their range of offerings spans from burgers to pasta, all the way to salads and poke, Prep & Co is the newest addition to their comprehensive portfolio inspired by their existing healthy concepts Keto & Co and Healthy & Co. 

Plans & Subscriptions

Catering to every need, Prep & Co offers a seamless journey for customers to design their own meal plan. Prep & Co’s in-house nutritionist and expert support staff remain at every customer’s side to formulate a plan made just for them. 

Customers can support their lifestyle preferences with the choice of 5 distinct meal plan options:

  • International: Prep & Co’s most popular meal plan that consists of a wide range of all meal types. This is the concept's standard plan that allows customers to stay on track and reach their goals. 
  • Keto: Offering a satisfying meal plan with less than 25g of carbs and high in heart-healthy fats.  
  • Low Carb: Prep & Co’s meal plan that strictly offers a cut on carbs without cutting on taste. 
  • Vegan:  The meal plan that celebrates vegetables, fruits, beans and more with delicious meals without compromising on taste and flavour. 
  • Low FODMAP (coming soon): Designed to help customers with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

gain control over their symptoms by limiting certain foods.

Prep & Co prides itself on allowing customers to create a plan that aligns directly with their dietary choice. While their International and Vegan plan starts from AED 365, their Keto and Low Carb plan options start from AED 400.

The Prep & Co Experience

Upon selecting a preferred meal plan, it can be further customized to target individual goals - Weight Loss, Half Day Plan, Maintenance, and Athlete. A subscription duration starting from only 1 week to an extended plan lasting 8 weeks, can be selected should customers like to gain momentum on their journey.  So for those who passionately want a change in lifestyle but need that extra nudge, Prep & Co is confident that once customers take that first step towards a healthier lifestyle, there is no going back! 

As part of Prep & Co’s unique personalised service offering, every customer receives individualised one-to-one consultation with the in-house nutritionist. The personalised service begins as early as when a potential client begins to show interest in the meal plan. The in-house nutritionist will first discuss the customers long-term goals and will then walk them through each meal plan ending with a recommendation. Once a meal plan is selected, the nutritionist will maintain a strong relationship with the client to follow up on results and ensure goals are being achieved. 

Upon selecting a meal plan, customers are also able to choose the total number of meals they’d like to have in a day and which days of the week they would like to receive the plan. To truly personalise the service, Prep & Co also offers customers the opportunity to pre-select their meals for the upcoming days. To do so, customers can choose from a number of different dish options, ensuring they are consuming meals they enjoy and are familiar with. 

Launch Offer

Prep & Co offers a starting trial plan for new customers for only AED 365 (excluding VAT). The trial plan is designed for 5 days a week, followed by a minimum subscription duration of 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks.


Following the trial period, until the end of June, customers who sign up with Prep & Co will get an extra complimentary week when subscribing to the 4-week plan or an extra 2 weeks on-the-house while subscribing to the 8-week plan! 

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Notorious for their zeroes, KR&CO have launched Prep & Co giving customers customizable meal plans with zero preservatives, zero antibiotics, zero artificial sweeteners, zero hormones and zero junk. Just clean eating at its best, now made available for the rising community of conscious eaters across the UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Ras Al Khaimah!

Ranya Fadly, Co-Founder of KR&CO, “Prep & Co, oddly enough, wasn’t a concept Khaled and I actively planned for. We would receive numerous inquiries and requests for meal plans from customers of our existing healthy food concepts, Keto & Co and Healthy & Co. While the health movement in the UAE has been favouring such concepts, the space is highly competitive. What sets us apart is that our entire basis of the plan is based on customer feedback and insights gathered from our existing brands. Prep & Co has been designed to break through the noise by creating a niche within a niche. Customers subscribing to our meal plan are promised to receive the same high-quality service we offer across all of our concepts.” 

About Kreative Restaurants & Co:

Kreative Restaurants & Co is a UAE-based holding company with multiple concepts under its umbrella. It manages, owns and operates 17 subsidiary companies that include Poké & Co; Açai & Co; Avo & Co; Chick’n Co; Healthy & Co; Keto & Co; Eggs & Co; Bagel & Co; Asian & Co; Vegan & Co; Mochi & Co; Salad & Co; Burger & Co; Pasta & Co; Eats & Co; Prep & Co Meal Plans; and CookFresh Meal Kits.

Food entrepreneurs and husband-wife duo, Ranya and Khaled Fadly are well versed in the UAE’s F&B and hospitality scene. They founded KR&CO on the back of multiple successes from various UAE-based food concepts.

The company currently employs over 300 people across the different restaurant concepts and served over 1 million customers last year with an average of 100,000 customers per month. With KR&CO’s aggressive expansion plans, the company is forecasted to serve over 3 million customers across different markets in 2022. https://kreativerestaurants.com/

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