Dubai's Smart Robot to Spot Bike & e-Scooter Violations

  • Publish date: Thursday، 29 February 2024
Dubai's Smart Robot to Spot Bike & e-Scooter Violations

Dubai is gearing up for a groundbreaking trial of a smart robot aimed at identifying violations among cyclists and e-scooter users.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Terminus Group during the MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition in Dubai. Set to kick off in March at the Jumeirah 3 beach area, the trial involves a high-tech robot empowered by artificial intelligence to meticulously monitor soft mobility activities.

The robot will collaborate with Dubai Police, utilizing its AI capabilities to detect and analyze various violations related to e-scooter and bicycle use. Offenses include large gatherings, non-compliance with safety protocols like helmet-wearing, improper scooter parking, multiple riders on a single scooter, and riding in pedestrian-only zones. Boasting an impressive accuracy rate of over 85%, the robot swiftly delivers data within 5 seconds and has a surveillance reach of up to 2 km.

Designed to operate effectively in diverse weather conditions, the robot prioritizes safety with sensors triggering a halt when within 1.5 meters of any object or individual.

This pioneering initiative underscores Dubai's commitment to leveraging advanced technology for enhanced road safety and regulation of emerging transportation trends.

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