• Publish date: Tuesday، 04 June 2024

Picture a labyrinthine mansion where every room is more sumptuous than the one before, where captivating, eclectic personalities meet and mingle… Welcome to Hubert de Givenchy’s Hôtel Particulier in Paris, a prime location for the French art de vivre and the haunt of every muse, friend and artist dear to the couturier. 

La Collection Particulière, launched in 2020, is an invitation to learn more about this one-of-a-kind universe through a series of fragrances with powerful olfactory personalities, each inspired by the characters that frequented the Hôtel Particulier. Désinvolte wanders insolently through the great hall; the elusive Faux Semblant emerges from the shadows of a private salon; the rebellious Téméraire imbues the mansion with its boldness; Noctambule takes over the boudoir as night falls… Today, Givenchy reveals a new Eau de Parfum Intense for one of the most extravagant guests to ever visit the Hôtel Particulier: Fantasque has laid claim to the ballroom. 


The eccentric and outrageous Fantasque spins beneath the lavish ballroom’s gleaming lights. Expect the unexpected: Fantasque scorns banality. This unconventional, utterly free spirit lives life to the fullest, matched only by its magnetic, intriguing fragrance, which reveals an unpredictable and faceted sillage. 

The fragrance expresses itself through the precious, mystical opulence of a myrrh-incense accord from Somalia. The majestic elegance of Damascena rose from Bulgaria infuses its heart notes with a floral richness that is heightened by intense Bourbon vanilla absolute from Madagascar, balsam from Peru, and oud wood from Malaysia. A key ingredient in the Collection Particulière’s line of Eaux de Parfum Intenses, the latter adds depth and texture to the fragrance. More specifically, it is the rare, treasured oud essence – obtained by distilling valuable and highly scented agarwood shavings – that defines Fantasque’s mesmerising sillage. 

When paired with Accord Particulier – the signature scent of the Collection Particulière and one that amplifies every fragrance’s character – the ambery, woody tones within Fantasque are magnified, revealing unexpected facets. The Eau de Parfum’s sensuality comes to the fore.  


Fantasque is sheathed in the new Collection Particulière Eaux de Parfum Intenses case. The bottle boasts a more architectural silhouette and is adorned with a black gradient that hints at the Eau de Parfum’s copper hue.  

The ever-customisable cap, also in deep black, rests atop a gold ring that adds a glimmer of light to the bottle. It can be further enhanced with a plaque made of an exclusive selection of six textured materials. Last but not least, the glass bottle’s original label has been replaced by a metallic one, adding a modern, sophisticated and precious touch to the fragrance. 





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