1 Dirham Food To Enjoy in The UAE

  • Publish date: Thursday، 10 June 2021 Last update: since 8 hours
1 Dirham Food To Enjoy in The UAE
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We're still at the beginning of the month but our salary savings feel like its the end of it. If you think you have bad spending habits, it is time to switch on your economic brain.

Dr Zainab Tabrezi, the Zomato level 9 food blogger went viral with a ‘1 dirham food in Dubai’ video via tiktok.

In the video he listed some food that are only for 1 Dhs. Among the list includes Malbari Samosas, could be for lunch or dinner, McDonald’s ice-cream could be served as a treat after lunch, Afghani bread for breakfast, lunch or even dinner and lastly Karak chai that can be served instead of just spending your money on Starbucks.


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It is great to dine at fancy restaurant, but when necessary, there is always an alternative that tastes just as good.

Image Source: Visit Dubai