Love Food? Follow These Food Vloggers Based in the UAE!

Want to try out something new? Follow these food vloggers to know everything about food in the UAE!

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 02 July 2024
Love Food? Follow These Food Vloggers Based in the UAE!

Confused about where to eat out in the UAE? Tired of visiting the same old restaurants? Wanting to try new things? Follow these food vloggers based in the UAE who have the best food spot recommendations in the country!


He's an international food vlogger based in Dubai, UAE who shares iconic food spot recommendations from the country and other parts of the world. 

Just Food DXB


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To know about the best spots for various international cuisines in Dubai, follow @justfooddxb! He shares content about the best food spots in the city with his 288K followers on Instagram.

Noor Ul Aiin


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For the coolest food-spot recommendations in Dubai, follow Noor Ul Aiin! She has 96.7K followers on Instagram who she shares iconic food recommendations and other lifestyle content with!

Be it any viral food or the best pizza in town, Noor knows it all!

Arezoo Muslemi

Better known as Miss Zuzucchini, Arezoo is a food and lifestyle influencer who shares content about all the hot food spots in the UAE with her 147K followers!

Mohz Khan


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For the best offers on dining and food options, follow Mohz Khan! This Pakistani food vlogger shares content about exciting offers for your favorite meals in the UAE!

Reza Kiani


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Emirati food vlogger Reza Kiani also shares content about the best food spots for various cuisines in the UAE with his 126K followers!

Kim & Den

This foodie couple also shares recommendations about the best food spots and the best snacks in Dubai. They've received various awards for their content over the years and have garnered 92.2K followers for their Instagram page @wheremyfoodat.

Hazza Review

With 82.2K followers on Instagram and 143K followers on TikTok, Hazza shares his food spot recommendations, best food deals, and much more!


Meghana Rao


A post shared by Meghana Rao (@megsblogged)

For the best gastronomic experience in the UAE, check out Meghana's recommendations on her Instagram page @megsblogged, which has more than seventy thousand followers!

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