Is SALT Opening Another Branch in Sharjah?

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 23 January 2024
Is SALT Opening Another Branch in Sharjah?

UAE's popular burger spot SALT already has a branch in Al Zahia City Centre in Sharjah, but they might soon open another branch in the emirate. 

The new branch will be located at Sharjah's popular attraction Al Heera Beach, which is already home to popular eateries including FiLLi and Thai Gate. 

Is SALT Opening Another Branch in Sharjah?

We don't know all the details, but whatever SALT is bringing to Sharjah yet again, we are anticipating it eagerly!

All About SALT


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SALT was first launched in 2014 by two GCC nationals as a cool, yet simple food truck, which soon expanded to become a popular alfresco eatery with various branches across Dubai and other cities in the UAE. 

SALT provides an alternative, simple, and beautiful eating experience, contrasting the popular dine-in options and food courts in UAE's malls. 

SALT is famous for its delicious sliders, which customers get to enjoy in a peaceful and beachy setting. 

SALT also has branches across the Gulf region in popular cities like Doha and Riyadh. 

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