Meet the Youngest Emirati Cyclist, Mohammed Abdulaziz bin Laden

  • Publish date: Sunday، 12 June 2022
Meet the Youngest Emirati Cyclist, Mohammed Abdulaziz bin Laden

The 14-year-old Emirati cyclist, Mohammed Abdul Aziz bin Laden, is participating in the fourth round of the Yamaha European Motorcycle Championship in Italy, becoming the youngest rider to represent the country, after he got a golden opportunity to participate with the world champions at the Italian Misano circuit.

Mohammed had joined the "Mini GB" motorcycle project, which was established about two years ago with the support of the Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment for SME. Mohammad having the opportunity to participate in this championship opens the door of hope for UAE youth who love motorcycles to reach to the world as he did.

In light of this solemn event, we recall the goals of establishing the "Mini GB" project for motorcycles, which are to educate and qualify a professional generation of young people from the age of 10 to participate in international races and raise the country's flag externally.

It is noteworthy that the “Mini GB” project had organized a number of championships and races in the Middle East last year, and is expected to provide many other successes as usual.

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