National Burrito Day 2022

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 April 2022 Last update: Friday، 07 April 2023
National Burrito Day 2022

Mexican cuisine options are more than tacos and salsa, it also includes many popular dishes like Burritos, Quesadillas, Mexican Rice, Chiles en nogada, and much more! 7 April 2022 marks National Burrito Day, find out more about it in the following article, and  

About Burritos 

Although the Burrito is a traditional food in the city of Juarez in northern Mexico, it is a national favorite since it can be eaten in many ways, and a variety of options can be added to it such as beans, meat, salsa, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and vegetables. Burritos appeared for the first time in 1895, while modern burritos were oriented in California in the 1930s. The Mexican burritos are only filled with meat and beans, while American burritos have many ingredients. 

Facts About Burritos  

  • Mexico Burritos are made thin and small containing one or two ingredients only.  
  • American Burritos are bigger and contain multiple ingredients centered around meat or vegetable. 
  • The burrito was invented in Cuidad Juarez.  
  • The burrito got popular among Northern Mexican and American gold miners. 
  • The word burrito means "little donkey" in Spanish. 
  • The first documented burrito was made in 1922 
  • The tortilla, which is the main ingredient in making burritos, was first made in Chihuahua, where the wheat grows the best. 
  • In 1958 the burrito appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary. 
  • Burritos appeared in San Fransisco for the first time in the late 1960s. 
  • California burritos are one of the most popular burrito types in America. 

When is National Burrito Day 2022  

National Burrito Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of April; accordingly, National Burrito Day 2022 will be on April 7.  

How is National Burrito Day Celebrated?  

You can celebrate National Burrito Day by eating as many burritos as you want, and many Mexican restaurants worldwide celebrate it by offering many deals. 

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