UAE Announces Rules for National Day Celebrations

UAE National Day 2023: Dubai Readies Celebrations with Stricter Guidelines and Commemorative Events

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 28 November 2023
UAE Announces Rules for National Day Celebrations

Dubai is set to honor its 52nd UAE National Day, Union Day, on Saturday, December 2, with a string of festivities planned across the city. The UAE Ministry of Interior (MOI) has rolled out stringent rules ahead of the 52nd UAE National Day occasion to ensure a safe and respectful celebration. These regulations, emphasized on MOI's social media platforms, focus on maintaining dignity and safety during the UAE National Day’s three-day weekend from December 2 to December 4.

Guidelines for a Respectful Celebration

In light of the upcoming UAE National Day celebrations, the MOI has outlined a set of directives intended to safeguard public safety and adherence to the law. The rules, encompassing various facets of public behavior, have been established to foster an environment of lawful and responsible revelry.

Adherence to Traffic Rules and Noise Control

Motorists are urged to strictly abide by traffic regulations and notice the instructions of law enforcement officers during the 52nd UAE National Day. To maintain a peaceful atmosphere, individuals are required to keep the volume of music at a moderate level while traveling.

UAE Announces Rules for National Day Celebrations

Prohibited Activities and Behavior

The MOI explicitly prohibits certain activities during the 52nd UAE National Day, including marches or impromptu gatherings, usage of party sprays by motorists or pedestrians, and any tampering with vehicle attributes such as number plates or color. Additionally, excessive vehicle occupancy, obstructive driving practices, or affixing inappropriate stickers or phrases on vehicles during the UAE National Day are strictly forbidden. Non-compliance with these regulations will result in immediate fines and potential vehicle impoundment, as asserted by the MOI.

Celebratory Ceremony and Viewing

The 52nd UAE National Day ceremony will take place at Expo City on Saturday, marking the consolidation of the seven Emirates into a unified nation. The National Day Celebrations will be broadcast live on local television channels and the official Union Day website, UnionDay.ae. Repeats of the UAE National Day ceremony will be aired from December 5 to December 12, ensuring wider access to the celebratory spectacle.

UAE Announces Rules for National Day Celebrations

Retail Compliance and Penalties

Moreover, shop owners are reminded to align their displays with the spirit of UAE National Day, refraining from exhibiting posters or flags unrelated to the occasion. Violations from retail establishments will also result in penalties imposed by the authorities.

As Dubai anticipates the forthcoming UAE National Day celebrations, citizens and visitors alike are urged to adhere to these guidelines to ensure a harmonious and lawful commemoration of this significant event in the UAE's history.

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