Plants That Thrive In UAE’s Climate

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 02 March 2022
Plants That Thrive In UAE’s Climate

Trees, plants, and flowers are nature's most beautiful decorations and they supply us with fruit, scent, and medicine. Every house should have a few plants, whether indoors or outdoors. Here are our favorite outdoor plants that thrive in our UAE climate.


Plants That Thrive In UAE’s Climate

This thorny vine blooms with various bright colors such as magenta, orange, purple, white, yellow, and pink. It lives throughout the UAE’s hot climate, and it can grow up to 12 meters, making it a beautiful decorative flower for an archway or garden fences. It requires 6 hours of sunlight per day and requires minimal amounts of water making it a perfect match for the dry weather.


Plants That Thrive In UAE’s Climate

The Frangipani is a tropical tree that can grow in poor-quality soil. Most Frangipani trees come in small sizes making them perfect for closed garden spaces that don't have enough space for big trees. The flowers require direct sunlight in order to bloom and their scent is most potent at night, this beauty most commonly comes in mixes of yellow to white, deep crimson to pink, and finally yellow to orange.

Date Palm

Plants That Thrive In UAE’s Climate

The UAE’s traditional tree thrives in its weather. This tree requires a big garden as it can grow up to 23 meters high and leaves that span up to 5 meters long. Date Palms need 4 to 8 years in order to start bearing fruits, they are planted in soil with Ph levels of 8-11. They also require no water once established; however, the soil must be moist in order to supply them 20-25 liters of water per 2 weeks.

Flame Tree

A flame tree should be a stable plant in every house's garden. It gives off a fiery splash of vibrant colors such as orange, red, and yellow. It can grow in dry and sandy soil, reaching heights of 12 meters but spans overhead making it ideal for providing shade all around your garden


Plants That Thrive In UAE’s Climate

The shades of purple, pink, and red that the periwinkle produces are breathtaking, especially when it contrasts with the plants around it. The flowering plant grows at best in direct sunlight and hot weather, making it a perfect match all year round. They can grow up to 60 cm high, as well they can handle a little bit of drought. However, they'd grow to their full potential with a bit of watering.

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