World Cities Day ... A Better City For A Better Life

  • Publish date: Sunday، 31 October 2021 Last update: Tuesday، 31 October 2023
World Cities Day ... A Better City For A Better Life

UNESCO has established worlds city day on the 31st of Oct yearly, aligning with Halloween, as more than half of the population lives in cities currently, it is very important to advocate for the importance of sustainability and innovation, UNESCO has recognized how crucial it is for cities to create a sustainable life for people, and world city day contributes to creating a better community and green cities.

Adapting Cities For Climate Resilience

The theme for worlds cities day 2021 is Adapting cities for climate resilience, and as everyone knows that the world is currently facing a huge crisis which is the rapid growth of destructive climate change all around the world, affecting our current lives and future life for the human race, this event will focus on holding important discussions for climate resilience policies, as well as reduce issues from climate change for urban cities and populations.

The urban solutions

UCP is launching the Urban solutions which highlight the recognition of the cities and climate action and the 2 important themes for advancing sustainable development worldwide, the urban solution promotes climate resilience and action in cities, as awareness is raised on the important impacts of climate and change and how we can adapt our urban life as well as cities and countries for a better transition. 

Climate change is real, but as the world is working on building better sustainable cities, take this day as a great reminder of how each and every action we take affects the entire human race, let us create a better world for the future generation.

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