Ramadan 2022: Countries with Longest and Shortest Fasting Hours

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 23 March 2022
Ramadan 2022: Countries with Longest and Shortest Fasting Hours

Holly month Ramadan is knocking on the door, and this year it is expected for Ramadan to be from 2 April 2022 until 2 May 2022. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Muslim lunar calendar, it is the holiest month for them, and Muslims worldwide fast during daylight hours. How many hours do Muslims fast, and does the period differ from one country to another? Find out in this article. 

How Many Hours Muslims Fast? 

Muslims around the world fast from the pre-sunrise to sunset, and this lasts anywhere from 10 to 21 hours depending on where in the world you are. 

Countries with Shortest Ramadan Fast Period 2022 

Luckly these countries have the shortest Ramadan, where people living in them will fast for less than 12 hours. Countries with shortest Ramadan fast period 2022 are: 

  • Christchurch, New Zealand: 11 hours & 20 minutes 

  • Puerto Montt, Chile: 11 hours & 30 minutes 

  • Canberra, Australia: 11 hours & 47 minutes 

  • Montevideo, Uruguay: 11 hours & 48 minutes 

  • Cape Town, South Africa: 11 hours & 52 minutes 

In addition, these countries fast less than 12 hours during Ramadan 2022:  

  • Johannesburg, South Africa: 11-12 hours 

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: 11-12 hours 

  • Ciudad del Este, Paraguay: 11-12 hours 

Countries with Longest Ramadan Fast Period 2022 

Muslims living in following countries will have the longest fasting hours that exceed 18 hours during the holy month, and those countries are:  

  • Nuuk, Greenland: 19 hours & 57 minutes  

  • Reykjavik, Iceland: 19 hours & 59 minutes 

  • Helsinki, Finland: 19 hours & 09 minutes 

  • Stockholm, Sweden: 18 hours & 58 minutes 

In addition, these countries fast more than 17 hours during Ramadan 2022: 

  • Glasgow, Scotland, UK: 17-18 hours  

  • Oslo, Norway: 17-18 hours 

  • Copenhagen, Denmark: 17-18 hours 

  • Moscow, Russia: 17-18 hours 

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