Remember Your Natural Hair Color? 1 in 3 Women Don’t!

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 14 June 2022
Remember Your Natural Hair Color? 1 in 3 Women Don’t!
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A survey conducted in New York of 2,000 women aged 42 to 57 showed that 49% of them spent two to six years dyeing their hair with a color different from their natural hair color. But can they even go so far as to forget their natural hair color?

Yes, the study also showed that 32% of them are not sure of their natural hair color, and they report that they are not sure that their partner knows their real hair color either, while 46% of them are sure that no one knows that they dye their hair.

As for the popular colors among them, their favorite colors were dominated by the nature of strangeness and daring, as violet (41%), pink (38%), and blue (35%), and the highest percentage of them is likely to keep their hair color if they are praised. Also, they reported that changing their hair color gives them a sense of self-confidence and is an easy way to change their style and express themselves.

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