The Best Way to Clean Your Makeup Brush

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 31 May 2022
The Best Way to Clean Your Makeup Brush
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If you usually wear makeup, you should maintain the cleanliness of your makeup tools, especially the brushes, as leaving them for a long time without cleaning causes the transmission of harmful bacteria that grow on them to the skin and thus infecting the face with pimples, so here is the best way to clean makeup brushes to keep your tools in top condition.

  1. Put a few drops of soap in a clean bowl full of warm water
  2. Put the brush head in the mixture and move it in a circular motion until it gets rid of all the makeup residue. You can also put soap on the palm of the hand and rub the brush with it
  3. Rinse the brush well with running water until completely rid of the soap suds and allow it to dry

Should I Clean It or Replace It?

You are most probably thinking about whether you should clean your brush or replace it with a new one. To know the answer, you need to determine if your brush is too dirty to clean or the soap can do the job. However, 3 months is an ideal period to change your old makeup brush for a new one.

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