The Effect of Social Media on Feeling Good About Your Body

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 15 June 2022
The Effect of Social Media on Feeling Good About Your Body

Social media is still under the mental health microscope for its potential impacts on users, especially younger and less conscious ones. A study conducted at York University in Toronto showed that a large number of young female users of social media are not satisfied with their bodies when looking at pictures of their friends or celebrities.

The study included a number of young women from 18 to 27 years old, who reported that the images they see on social media are more attractive than themselves, not only that, but they also feel bad and dissatisfied with their bodies.

According to the researchers, women in their late teens to mid-twenties usually care a lot about their appearance and this age group of females is also more likely to be active on social media, which exacerbates the problem as when we compare ourselves to others, it is likely to affect our evaluation of ourselves, which leads to strict diets, unjustified recourse to plastic surgery, excessive exercise, and many other methods that in their view achieve their wrong perception of beauty.

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