The Fewer People Want to Be Billionaires the Better for Our Planet

  • Publish date: Monday، 27 June 2022
The Fewer People Want to Be Billionaires the Better for Our Planet

Do you need billions to live a better life? According to a new survey conducted in Bath - United Kingdom, most respondents believe that “the ideal life” does not demand a fortune, as researchers note that only a few people around the world actually want to become billionaires. This poll was not random, as these results lead us to a set of future expectations, the most important of which is saving our planet!

The Desire for Money Harms Our Planet

You must be wondering what is the relationship between people's desire to become billionaires and harming the planet. Well, this brings us back to one of the most important economic principles of time, which states that "unlimited desires" are the most motivating force of everyone on this planet, thus you see many scrambling to build more and more wealth for themselves and their families.

Since a huge fortune is most probably collected from an enormous economic activity that causes environmental pollution and depletion of natural resources, the conviction of most people that they do not need to collect huge sums to live a better life contributes to saving the planet and reducing the depletion of its resources.

To confirm what the study authors concluded, they surveyed nearly 8,000 people in 33 countries on six continents to find out what people think they exactly need to achieve their ideal lives. The results are quite surprising, showing that the majority of respondents in 86% of the countries could live their best life with less than $10 million, while respondents in some other countries could do so with less than $1 million!

If you think that these amounts are huge and not to be underestimated, remember this is the amount that people say they need throughout their lives!

The Impact of Cultural Philosophies

To see how cultural and societal philosophies influence people's thinking and desire to accumulate wealth, researchers surveyed people about ideal wealth in a variety of countries, including Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Tunisia, and Vietnam. The study authors note that the dream of becoming a billionaire was more common in countries with inequality and in societies where people have collective and family responsibilities, including Indonesia.

The study concluded that the perspective of wealth differs from one person to another depending on his environment, culture, and responsibilities and that only a few people want to become billionaires, which protects the planet from the depletion of its natural resources.

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