Visiting Expo 2020 ? Then You Must Visit Creek Park Dubai

  • Publish date: Sunday، 26 September 2021
Visiting Expo 2020 ? Then You Must Visit Creek Park Dubai

Every country has its' own iconic places, and one of the most Iconic parks in Dubai is Creek park as its' beautiful lawns sit on Dubais' creek.
 Creek park Dubai is the 2nd largest one after Mushrif park, and It was opened back in 1994 in the oldest part of the city, For every tourist or person living in Dubai, visiting this place is a must! so let us dive in together about what you can do there, and how to go to Dubai creek park by bus or Metro easily?

Where is Creek park located ?

If you were wondering about Dubai Creek park location then it is located in Umm Hurair 2, very close to Rashid Hospital in Dubai.
This huge park is located in such an important place where Dubais' economic force rose high in the sky, it is located near the Harbour where everything shipped in and out of the country is.

Creek Park Dubai Ticket Price

There are different gates to the park, 5 in total, and the entrance fee for each person to the park is only 5 AED! amazing right? just a small fee and you can enjoy amazing things in Dubai Creek Park .

creek park ticket price

Dubai creek park timings

You should check Dubai Creek park timings before you visit:

  • 8:00 AM–10:00 PM Saturday - Wednesday
  • 8:00 AM–11:00 PM Thursday - Saturday

Top Activites to enjoy in Creep Park Dubai

Pack up your stuff and head towards the part under the beautiful weather, there are so many things to do in the creek park, and a lot of activities you can enjoy such as:

The creek park Dubai dolphin show

creek park dolphin show

One of the best activities you can enjoy in the creek park Dubai is watching the Dolphin show they have where they play together, you can even swim with the dolphins on some occasions, the creek park Dubai dolphinarium has got many activities to enjoy, if you come in a group or if you are with your family, let your kids jump their soul on the trampolines, or enjoy a distorted version of your self looking in the mirror maze, or even watch a movie or two in their 5D & 7D theaters.
It has a 5D and 7D theatre, a mirror maze, a trampoline room, and 20 different species of birds.

Dubai creek harbour park dolphinarium is open all days from 10:30 AM - 7:00 PM, but be careful not to visit on a Sunday, as that is the day it closes.

Riding bikes together

Dubai creek park bike rent

Only for 30 AEDS per bike, you can ride bikes together and cycle all the way through the parks amazing greenery and flower beds, while enjoying the view of the birds that fly occasionally there, the Dubai creek park offers a wide variety of activities not only cycling, so if you are not a fan of that, you can go ahead and enjoy other activities.

Renting a cable car in Dubai Creek park

One of the most breathtaking activities you can try in Creek park Dubai is riding a cable car that goes up as far as 30M in the sky, where you can gaze all around the park and Dubais' skyline for 30 mins, the cable car ride in Creek park Dubai costs 25 AED for adults, and 10 AED for kids, as for the working hours of Dubai the creek cable cars, they go as the following:

  • 08:00 Am - 11:00 Pm Daily (winter season)
  • 05:00 Pm - 09:00 Pm Daily (summer season)
  • Ladies only allowed on Wednesday.

Have a picnic 

You can get your stuff and pack them up while you plan for a nice picnic in Dubai the Creek garden, having lunch together with your friends or your family under the beautiful sun doesn't sound like a bad idea, you can also have a bbq party while grilling mouth watering meat cuts in their dedicated meat bbq stationd.

How to go to Creek park ?

You can go to Dubai Creek Park by car or by bus:

  • The closest bus stops to Dubai Creek park: 
    • 10
    • 28
    • 66
    • C7
  • Nearest Metro Station to Creek park Dubai :
    • M2

If you were visiting Dubai to visit Dubai expo 2020 then you must visit Dubai creek park as it is a great spot and a must-visit location! visit us on UAEMOMENTS to know more about the top locations you can visit as well.

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