Six Interesting Guinness World Records in Dubai

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 16 November 2022
Six Interesting Guinness World Records in Dubai

Dubai has more than 339 world records, including the world’s largest airport terminal, shopping mall, indoor ski resort, and greatest number of diamonds on a perfume bottle.

Dubai has experienced quick globalization over the last 20 years and has increasingly worked to position itself as an international arts hub.

The Longest Handmade Gold Chain

The ‘Dubai Celebration Chain’, this piece is 5 km long, weighs 240 kg and took over 45 days and 100 craftsmen to produce! This 22-carat handmade gold chain was unveiled at the Deira Gold Souk bus station in 2015 in honour of the Dubai Shopping Festival’s (DSF) 20th anniversary! And guess what? Shoppers also got to pre-book sections of the chain – between 8 and 26 grams. Dubai residents, were you here for this?


The Tallest Chocolate Sculpture

The tallest chocolate sculpture is a replica of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Created by Andrew Farrugia – a Maltese food artist – in 2014, this record-holding creation was 13.52 metres in height and took 4,200 kilograms of Belgian chocolate to create. It took 10,000 pieces of chocolate, hand cut by Farrugia and others.

Six Interesting Guinness World Records in Dubai

Largest Building In The Shape Of a Picture Frame

Dubai Frame 

The Dubai Frame at Zabeel Park holds the Guinness World Record for the largest picture frame . At a height of 150 metres, the Dubai Frame has a 25 sqm glass panel bridge that gives visitors the experience of walking on air and an immersive gallery 

Six Interesting Guinness World Records in Dubai

Worlds Largest Fountain

The Pointe, which was the site of a 2020 Dubai world record

In 2020, Dubai trumped its own world record for the world’s largest fountain! Previously held by the Dubai Fountain at Dubai Mall, the world record for the largest fountain now goes to Palm Fountain at The Pointe. Measuring 7,327 sq.m, the Palm Fountain is a dazzling and mesmerising display of water, light and music!


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Largest Arabic Wooden Dhaw 

The largest dhow, which is a traditional sailing vessel. This 2020 Dubai world record was achieved by Majid Obaid Bin Majid Al Falasi & Sons, who built the world’s largest Arabic wooden dhow.

Named Obaid, the dhow measures an awesome 91.47 metres long and 20.41 metres wide. This makes the dhow equal to the length of a standard American football field!

Six Interesting Guinness World Records in Dubai

The Fastest Police Car In Service

Dubai Police Supercars - Dubai world records

The Dubai Guinness World Record by the Dubai Police is for their Bugatti Veyron supercar, which is the fastest police car in service (Image credits: Dubai Police)

The Dubai Police were presented a Guinness World Record in April 2016 for having the world’s fastest police car in service – a Bugatti Veyron – in their fleet of supercars. With an unbelievable top-speed of 407 km/h and a 1000-horsepower, 16-cylinder engine, this supercar can go from 0 to 97 km/h in a mere 2.5 seconds.

Six Interesting Guinness World Records in Dubai

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