Dubai Affirms Its Position as a Top Destination for Healthcare

  • Publish date: Monday، 23 January 2023 Last update: Tuesday، 24 January 2023
Dubai Affirms Its Position as a Top Destination for Healthcare
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As of 2022, Dubai had 4,482 private medical facilities, according to the most recent statistics from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). Over the last five years, Dubai has seen a 45% rise in private medical facilities and a 61% increase in the number of licensed medical professionals.

Treatment is offered in a variety of medical specialties and subspecialties at these hospitals. For the benefit of locals and the growing number of medical tourists visiting Dubai, they are strategically placed around the emirate to provide easy access.

56 hospitals, 57-day surgery centers, 59 diagnostic centers, 21 specialty centers for individuals with disabilities, and 1,566 specialty outpatient clinics make up Dubai's private healthcare infrastructure.

In addition to the expansion of healthcare facilities, Dubai has seen a significant rise in the number of licensed medical professionals, which totaled 55,208 by the year 2022. Dr. Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of the DHA's Health Regulation Sector said, "The ease of processes, investment support, Dubai’s location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and the emirate’s forward-thinking approach have contributed to the growth of high-quality multinational and specialized facilities in the city. The DHA’s projections for 2023 and beyond estimate growth of 10-15% for medical professionals and 3-6% for facilities."

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