A Guide to Camping in The UAE

  • Publish date: Thursday، 29 April 2021
A Guide to Camping in The UAE

UAE is known for Dubai's modernity and skyscrapers. Sometimes we are in need of a getaway, and camping is something new for those who are used to the city life. But, if you ever wondered how is it possible to go camping, here is your guide.

You will need a tent, a sleeping bag or bedding and some pillows, as well as some a good water supply and food. A spade, useful if you need to dig your car out, a cool box and cooking equipment are also worth an investment.
It’s important that you respect nature though so remember to take bags so that you can pack up all your waste as well and leave nature the way you found it.

There are several camping groups in the UAE that can be found on Facebook and Meetup.com, it is mainly important to stay safe and make sure you let people know where will you be camping in case of any emergencies.

Here are the best camping spots:

  • Banan Beach Camping Dubai

Banan Beach: Dubai

This beach is located in the Jebel Ali area and comes with all the necessary camping facilities for beach camping in UAE. They have tents and chalets which you can rent out and also dedicated bonfire pits where you can light a campfire at night. 

  • Al Qudra Camping

UAE: Check out these cool camping spots | Going-out – Gulf News

Al Qudra offers the best desert camping experience in the city. The artificial lakes, surrounded by the sand dunes offer a beautiful setting and the fact that it is so far away from the main city, makes it the perfect spot for stargazing and overnight camping. 

  • Hatta Camping Site

Best camping spots in the UAE part 2 | Hatta | Hopping Feet

The Hatta Mountains offer the all-around fulfilling experience for camping in Dubai. If you are planning a trip for camping, make the most of your time there and try out all the other fun activities in Hatta.

  • Fossil Rock

Best UAE Camping Spots: Banan Beach, Wadi Sana, Jebel Jais - MyBayut

The area around Fossil Rock in Sharjah is one of the most popular places for desert camping in UAE. Close enough to civilization so you feel comfortable.

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