UAE Considers PCR Test Costs To Be Covered By Insurance

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 09 June 2021
UAE Considers PCR Test Costs To Be Covered By Insurance

During the latest meeting of the consultative body on Tuesday, UAE's health minister was urged to help ease the financial burden on those members of the public who regularly have PCR screenings.

Federal National Council member Hamad Al Rahoomi proposed that the cost of Covid-19 testing to be covered through health insurance.

Regular testing is a requirement for many employees and PCR is required for those who travel to Abu Dhabi from other emirates as well as for trips abroad.

“We are already suffering from financial burdens because of the disease, and we find ourselves obliged to take tests regularly for many procedures,” said Mr Al Rahoomi.

“Many people and businesses have suffered due to the pandemic, and on top of that they are being burdened by the costs of tests.”

A family had to pay Dh3,000 ($817) for Covid-19 tests in one month after a member tested positive said Mr Al Rahoomi

“And if a business owner had a positive case at the workplace, he would have to close for some time and test all of his employees,” he said.

The cost of a PCR test is capped at Dh150 at government-run hospitals in Dubai and has been reduced to Dh65 in Abu Dhabi.

UAE Considers PCR Test Costs To Be Covered By Insurance

“There is an essential need for insurance coverage. People have been paying from their pockets,” said Mr Al Rahoomi.

Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha) offers free tests at its national screening centres to those showing symptoms, Emiratis, residents over 50 and those suffering from chronic diseases, pregnant women and people with disabilities.

In response to Mr Al Rahoomi’s insurance coverage proposal, he said a new federal health insurance law was still being developed and promised to take the member’s suggestions into consideration.

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