UAE To India Flight News Today : All Passengers Have To Quarantine

  • Publish date: Sunday، 09 January 2022
UAE To India Flight News Today : All Passengers Have To Quarantine

UAE To India Flight News Today: All passengers coming over from UAE to India have to stick to home quarantine for the first week upon arrival; that is what the government announced for the new travel guidelines; they will also have to undergo a 2nd PCR test after eight days from arriving, all passengers are required to upload those results on the 8th day on Air Suvidha portal, if negative they have to take care and self monitor their health for the upcoming seven days.

Traveling from UAE to India news - UAE to Mumbai

If you were an Indian resident from Mumbai traveling from the UAE to India on a flight, you have to adhere to the following rules:

  • PCR test upon arrival.
  • If the PCR test upon arrival is negative, you should quarantine for seven days; after that, a 2nd PCR test is required.
  • If the 2nd PCR on the 8th day is negative, you must self-monitor for any symptoms for seven days further.
  • If the 2nd PCR test on the 8th day is positive, then you will have to undergo institutional quarantine; however, the local authority has required it.

You would be allowed to travel to any city if you had a connecting flight with Mumbai as the intermediate stop.

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Traveling from UAE to India news - UAE to all other Indian cities

All passengers who are going to travel to Indian cities - all but Mumbai - will have to undergo Covid-19 testing that they will induce randomly on arriving passengers. The passenger undergoing that test will have to pay.

  • After passengers undergo the PCR test, if negative, they have to home Quarantine and take another PCR test on the 8th day, updating their results on the Air Suvidha platform.
  • If passenger tests positive for Covid-19 under the 2nd PCR test, they have to follow the Indian protocols and regulations for Positive Covid-19 cases and how to deal with them safely not to infect anyone else.

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