FDA: Rapid Covid-19 Tests May Be Less Sensitive To The Omicron Variant

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 04 January 2022
FDA: Rapid Covid-19 Tests May Be Less Sensitive To The Omicron Variant
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Rapid tests are less sensitive to detecting Covid-19 generally. However, the FDA has now mentioned that they are also the new variant that has proved to be a battle that a lot of the old tools that were in use do not work against.

The FDA has recently learned that antigen tests are less sensitive to the Omicron variants.

Antigen tests are less standard than PCR tests. PCR depends on the molecular test and is more accurate; therefore however they take a long time.

Antigen tests give results in minutes. However, they are less accurate than PCR Tests, and they are even less sensitive to the omicron variant. This means people are more likely to test for false negatives while actually sick with Omicron under the Rapid tests.

So, what is recommended?

If you had to take a rapid test and cannot wait for a PCR test, it is recommended that in case of it being negative, you go in again for a PCR test to make sure it is not false; however, if the result is positive then no need for a PCR test.

The manufacturers of Antigen or rapid tests are currently looking for ways to make it more accurate.