Will The Weekend Change to Saturday and Sunday in The UAE?

  • Publish date: Monday، 05 July 2021
Will The Weekend Change to Saturday and Sunday in The UAE?
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Talks about the UAE moving weekend days from Friday and Saturday to Saturday and Sunday have resurfaced again.

Social media users and UAE residents were circulating reports which claim that Friday might become a half-day or a ‘work from home day’.

The reports also said that the weekend would become Saturday and Sunday to align with international working days.

Today, Dr. Habib Al Mulla suggested that Friday would be a half-day and it could be a WFH day

However, state news agency WAM denied the claims that the weekends could switch in May this year, when rumours claimed a change was near.

"The news that has been spreading on social media that [the] government was planning to make some changes [to] the weekend is fake,” No such news has been issued by the government and people should stop circulating such false information as it is misleading residents”. Mohammed Jalal Al Raisi, executive director of WAM said in May 2021.

The state has previously denied that any further shifts would take place.