UAE: Today, Wednesday June 26, 2024, One Liner News

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 26 June 2024
UAE: Today, Wedneday June 26, 2024 One Liner News
  • High Temperatures and Weather Alerts: The UAE is experiencing extremely hot weather with temperatures nearing 50°C. Some areas, such as Al Ain, have seen hail and rain, prompting weather alerts and advisories for residents to take precautions against heat-related illnesses​.

  • Tragic Incident in Fujairah: A house fire in Fujairah led to the tragic death of two children. The incident highlights ongoing concerns about fire safety and the importance of preventive measures​.

  • Dubai Summer Surprises: The annual Dubai Summer Surprises festival has announced its lineup, promising a range of events and activities aimed at both residents and tourists to enjoy the summer season​​.

  • Government Initiatives: The UAE government continues to make strides in various sectors. Sheikh Hamdan has formed a new board of trustees for the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government, emphasizing the focus on educational leadership and development​​.

  • Visit of Pakistan’s Prime Minister: Pakistan's Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is on an official visit to the UAE, aiming to strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries​​.

  • Environmental and Health Campaigns: The UAE's ongoing dengue fever campaign has successfully eliminated over 400 mosquito breeding sites, demonstrating the country's proactive measures in public health and environmental safety​​.

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