Weight Loss Strategies Between Success & Failure

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Weight Loss Strategies Between Success & Failure
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According to a New York study of 2,000 adults, 9 out of 10 Americans have tried at least one weight loss strategy in their lives, nearly 91% of them, while half of them reported that they have tried 11 different ways to lose weight and some of them have tried at least 16 different weight-loss strategies!

As for the results, 32% of them lost weight but were unable to keep it off, while only 28% reported that they successfully lost the weight and kept it off.

As for the goals that prompted them to follow such strategies, they included the desire to feel self-confident, enjoy good health, and enjoy the ability to perform various physical activities, but these goals fall to the ground when the time comes to implement and feel the extent of the sacrifice required.

Fortunately, things become less heavy for those who suffer from excess weight, as it is possible now to discuss weight loss with family and friends more comfortably than before, which relieves them of the psychological burden they bear.

Therefore, we conclude that it is very natural to resort to different strategies to lose weight and not succeed the first time. Always remember that the will remains the main factor to obtain the desired shape away from harsh strategies and various diets.

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