The Top 8 Healthy Meal Services in Dubai

  • Publish date: Friday، 13 October 2023
The Top 8 Healthy Meal Services in Dubai

Dubai is a fast-paced city and time is of the essence! The need for a meal on the run has become a necessity but choosing the right meal is as important for your wellbeing. 

We put together a list of the top 10 healthy meal services in Dubai:

1- RightBite

One of the UAE’s longest-standing meal plan services, RightBite has an array of eight meal plans, which include a weight loss option, low carb, fuel up, simple healthy eating and more. Choose your plan online after getting a sneak peek at what your menu looks like, and then schedule an appointment to tailor-make your meal plan with one of RightBite’s dietitians. Each day, you’ll receive breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks, and two sides to go with lunch and dinner, and packages start from Dhs99 per day.

Price: From Dhs99 per day to Dhs128 per day.

2- Fitt Meals


Offering both weekly and monthly plans, FITT Meals has an array of healthy meal plans that are goal-specific. Pick from the five or six-day week option, and then decide whether you want a plan that caters to muscle gain, weight loss, or vegetarianism. They also do meals for kids, perfect for busy parents on the go. With all of the plans, you control how many meals you get, whether it’s one or two, breakfast included, snacks, or no snacks. Tasty, macro-counted dishes include prawn and aubergine curry, veggie meatballs, chicken alfredo, and salmon teriyaki.

Price: Weekly meal plans (5 days) start from Dhs299 for one meal per day and monthly meal plans (5 days) start from Dhs1,099 per month.

3- Zero Fat


Whether your goal is weight loss, a healthier lifestyle or athletic performance, Zerofat can help you reach your goals with its array of customisable meal plans. Delivered direct to your door, plans are priced daily so you can book for as many days per week as you’d like. Weight loss plans range from 1,000 to 1,300 calories per day, and come as either lunch and dinner or lunch, dinner and a snack. Lifestyle plans, which include breakfast, lunch and dinner or breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack, range in calories from 1,400 to 1,800 per day.

Price: Weight loss plans start from Dhs87 per day, lifestyle plans start from Dhs101 per day, athlete plans start from Dhs118 per day.

4- Keto by Foxxy


Born out of an experiment, Emiliya a.k.a Foxxy trialled a keto diet in 2018 and fell in love with it. After noticing a lack of comfort food options in the market, Foxxy began baking for friends and family. Fast forward two years, the Keto by Foxxy concept has grown to a full meal plan offering. On this diet, you must keep your carbs low to stay in ketosis. But that doesn’t mean missing out on treats. The plan can be two or three meals plus one snack a day, delivered direct to you on five, six over seven days. The creativity involved in making low-carb food delicious is impressive. Turkey mince ‘pizzas’ on courgette beds and loaded with cheese were a positive alternative that we’d happily swap the real thing for.

Price: Prices start from Dhs612 for two meals and a snack for five days and Dhs770 for three meals and a snack for five days. Monthly prices start from Dhs2,005 for two meals and a snack and Dhs2,600 for three meals and a snack. Once booked, an agent will be in touch to organise delivery.



Understanding the science behind the ideal calorie intake and macros ratio, combined with our heavenly worldwide flavors make up the basis of your beloved brand, Keto Fresh. Keto Fresh intends to give an answer for overweight individuals who find it difficult to not only lose weight but also to regain their health.

We provide the best ketogenic meal plans in the UAE. based on the fantasy that was fabricated 20 years back; Guide people on how to lose weight fast while eating delicious food and not feeling hungry! Does that sound too good to be true? Well, sign up now and find out for yourself!

6- Calo 


Born in Bahrain, Calo delivers healthy, homemade meal plans that are perfect for those looking to eat healthy but don’t have time to cook. You have to take the plan for five days per week for four weeks, but you get to customize your own menu, picking from a tasty selection of macro-counted dishes like zoodles alfredo, chicken quesadillas, and pulled beef Bibimbap. On the app, you can switch out meals you don’t like, customize your own menu, track macros and ingredients, and even skip meals if you know when you know you’re eating out. You can pick just lunch, two meals plus a snack or three meals plus a snack.

7- PrepHero


Designed as a simple solution to make meal prep easier, Prep Hero has plans for fat loss, performance, and gain, depending on your fitness goal. Designed by nutritionists and chefs, PrepHero’s plans are freshly delivered and promise clean and healthy dishes that keep you feeling full for longer. There are lots of protein-enriched meals including beef, chicken, and seafood, but there are plant-based protein options too if you’re eating green. You can sign up for two-, four- or eight-week plans, all of which come as five, six or seven day options, and all are three meals and two snacks.

Price: Four-week plans start from Dhs2,856 for five days, Dhs3,217 for six days and Dhs3,685 for seven days.

8- Kcal Extra


No healthy meal delivery round-up in Dubai would be complete without Kcal, one of the city’s original – and best. There’s an array of food plan options, which include weight loss, muscle building and weight management (for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.) Your calorie count for the day will differ depending on which plan you pick, but you will get breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks delivered daily to your door. They have over 800 dishes on the menu, so if you don’t like something, you can contact your account manager to switch it for something else going forward.

Price: The lowest calorie plan starts from Dhs3,100.

Please note, prices for meals are subject to change.

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