Google AI to be Used to Improve Traffic Flow in Abu Dhabi

  • Publish date: since 3 days
Google AI to be Used to Improve Traffic Flow in Abu Dhabi
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Tech giant Google is collaborating with Abu Dhabi's transport authority to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives and machine learning to decrease stop-and-go traffic. 

The US-based company shared the news at the Mohammed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) in Abu Dhabi on Thursday, May 25th. 

Project Green Light, a pilot programme underway in Germany and Brazil, involves collecting data on traffic patterns and building AI models, which will make recommendations to manage traffic flow. The project will be implemented in Abu Dhabi as well. 

The project can help reduce traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, which will result in smoother traffic flow and better air quality in the city. 

Along with this pilot programme, Google is also planning to provide research awards at MBZUAI to improve Arabic representation in AI foundation models with a focus on research that has a social impact on climate change and sustainability. 

MBZUAI faculty will also be able to request in-kind support in Google cloud computing.