Why Do We Get Infected with COVID-19 After Receiving the Vaccine?

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 11 October 2022
Why Do We Get Infected with COVID-19 After Receiving the Vaccine?

You may be wondering why people are still infected with COVID-19 even though the vast majority of them have received not only the full doses of the vaccine but the boosters as well. Here is the answer in this article.

Vaccine Superinfections

A new study from the Oregon Health and Science University in America stated that vaccine breakthrough infections provide great immunity against COVID-19, and may contribute to the dismantling of the pandemic.

Breakthrough infections are defined as the infections that occur after a person receives full doses of the vaccine, where these doses put the virus under evolutionary pressure that pushes it to find more ways to infect people at the expense of its ability to cause disease, that is, to cause symptoms associated with the disease.

Immune Responses to COVID-19

The researchers found that as infections with the super-Omicron sub-mutants rise, and as global vaccination and booster campaigns continue, an increasing proportion of the global population will develop robust immune responses that may be protective against future variants of the virus.

Contrary to the beginning of the epidemic, the emerging coronavirus is no longer “new” to the human immune system, and immunity has now been obtained as a result of the vaccination of most people in the world; This means that the virus faces a more effective immune response with each new infection.

Death Rate Is Slowly Declining

At the beginning of the epidemic, the death rate from infection with corona was very high in some vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, but this reality is slowly changing. The researchers also noted that the virus is evolving to become more transmissible, but less harmful.

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