Covid-19 Cases In UAE Reaches A New Peak Of Numbers

  • Publish date: Sunday، 02 January 2022
Covid-19 Cases In UAE Reaches A New Peak Of Numbers
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Covid-19 has just reached an all-new number of cases as back on Friday 31st-December 2022; it reported 2426 cases. 

The new number of cases stands at 761,937, with the death toll rising to 2164.

New measures taken

As the new Covid-19 cases are rising rapidly, the UAES' minister of education announced switching to online learning for the first two weeks of the new school term; this recent decision came with other new ones such as ensuring Covid-19 safety rules are followed and measured.

It was reported that Omicron is sending more infected kids to the hospitals than the previous variant.

We suggest you stay safe and follow the WHO guidelines and safe practices during the increasing alarming spread of Covid-19, stay safe and follow us on Uaemoments for more news