Can We Take Different Types of Vaccines in the UAE?

  • Publish date: Sunday، 09 May 2021
Can We Take Different Types of Vaccines in the UAE?
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The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) clarified that it does not advise the public to mix different types of COVID-19 vaccines.

Taking to their official social media handle, the heath authority clarified that "it is NOT advisable to take different types of vaccines for COVID-19".

They added that "there is no scientific proof about the gap between vaccine types until now".

The clarification was issued after lot of people asked if it's OK to change the brand of vaccine within three months of receiving a jab.

Three COVID-19 vaccines - Pfizer-BioNTech and Sinopharm - are currently available in Dubai.

UAE is now urging all residents who would want to travel abroad to get vaccinated first. Dr Farida Al Hosani, spokeswoman for the health sector, said members of the public should receive both vaccine doses before leaving the country.

Image Credit: Unsplash