Dubai Urges Residents to Report Fake COVID-19 Tests

  • Publish date: Thursday، 18 February 2021 Last update: Thursday، 25 February 2021
Dubai Urges Residents to Report Fake COVID-19 Test
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Dubai Economy shut down a travel agency for breaching health regulations and selling COVID-19 tests online.

After receiving complaints from consumers about the quality of the testing, Dubai Economy decided to act.

The firm offered the service via WhatsApp while it was based in Business Bay. An account on the app provided customers the option to select a date for their test where an e-link would be sent to complete the transaction.

Meanwhile, the DHA was provided with information related to the laboratories that co-operated with them.

"We will not hesitate to take action against any commercial establishment trying to exploit the prevailing pandemic situation, and we ask all commercial establishments to abide by the relevant laws and regulations," said Abdulaziz Al Tannak, of Dubai Economy.

Image Source: Instagram