Wild Cat Captured in Fujairah; Owner Fined

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 08 May 2024
Wild Cat Captured in Fujairah; Owner Fined

Authorities in Fujairah recently captured a wild caracal that was spotted roaming a residential area near the mountains. Once videos of the animal went viral on Monday, specialized teams from the Fujairah Environment Authority quickly located the wild cat.


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The Fujairah Environment Agency Director, Aseela Moalla, stated that the cat's owner, a UAE citizen, cooperated with authorities and handed over the animal. The owner admitted he was unaware of the legal restrictions around owning the wild cat.

Capture and Handling

Three individuals were involved in capturing the caracal, which showed no signs of aggression. The cat was found in the same area where the video was recorded. After being apprehended, the wild cat was transferred to a zoo that can provide a suitable environment and care.

Legal Consequences

The owner has been fined for possessing the protected caracal illegally. While the exact penalty amount was not disclosed, UAE law mandates fines between Dh10,000 and Dh500,000 for owning dangerous animals without registration.

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