Yes, You & I Are as Smart as Rocket Scientists and Neurosurgeons!

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 21 June 2022
Yes, You & I Are as Smart as Rocket Scientists and Neurosurgeons!

When someone wants to imply that a topic isn't as complicated as you think, he usually says "it's not rocket science" or "it's not brain surgery." Are rocket scientists and brain surgeons smarter than the average person? The answer is NO, according to a study conducted in London.

You Are Smarter than You Think!

The authors of this study found that the average person is as intelligent as an aerospace engineer or a neurosurgeon, and to get these results they compared the intelligence of 329 flight engineers and 72 neurosurgeons with 18,257 people from the general population.

All participants completed an online test that measures six different domains of cognitive ability, namely, spanning planning, reasoning, working memory, attention, and emotion processing abilities, given the hand a person uses and their years of career experience.

Rocket Scientists: They're Just Like Us!

The results revealed that rocket scientists and brain surgeons displayed the same levels of intelligence, but differed in two specific areas. Rocket scientists showed better skills in mental manipulation, while neurosurgeons had better skills in semantic problem-solving. Compared to the rest of the population, these individuals scored roughly the same as the average person. It's also worth noting that neurosurgeons have actually shown a slower speed of memory recall than the average person.

Although the findings are observational and not representative of the entire global population of rocket scientists and brain surgeons, the researchers believe that their findings show that the stereotype of these functions that are elusive for many people (in terms of intelligence) is incorrect.

So, next time you are faced with a task, it won't be much of a challenge because you are as smart as a rocket scientist.

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