INDIA TOUCHES THE MOON:- The Successful Landing of Chandrayaan-3

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INDIA TOUCHES THE MOON:- The Successful Landing of Chandrayaan-3

Joy sparkles into the air when India touches the moon by creating history with the successful landing of its rocket Chandrayaan-3. It became the fourth country to mark its presence on the moon after the US, the Soviet Union and China. Interestingly, India is also the first country to land its rocket near the moon’s South Pole on August 23rd 2023, and it sends the world vibrating with pride to marvel at the country’s fast-growing economy. Times have changed as India prospers to be boosted with opportunities for future generations. Once upon a time, Indians had left their homelands to travel abroad with the vision of a better future. Now, the tables have turned as people from the West take a keen interest in immigrating to India for business purposes, as this country has a solid foundation for making investments and leading the path to success. 


INDIA TOUCHES THE MOON:- The Successful Landing of Chandrayaan-3

India chose to land Chandrayaan-3 on the moon due to numerous reasons. Firstly, it was inspired by its vast population that lingers with various abilities and qualities to be helpful to the world. Many school students in India have become infatuated with the solar system and the world of NASA. In fact, NASA exams are popular in Indian schools where the student who achieves the highest score at the country level wins a free trip to NASA in the US. However, India created its own NASA now as its ambitious population motivated the government to execute a plan to send Chandrayaan-3 to the moon and build a leading example of astronomy for Indians in the country itself. 

Moreover, the moon provides an excellent platform for international discussions and innovations that highly influence the Indian population and allow them to exhibit their talents in various parts of the globe. It provides India with an opportunity to partner with other countries in pooling resources and connecting the skill of intelligence. 

Finally, India is becoming the hub of investment as numerous companies target it for their start-ups. The landing of Chandrayaan-3 provides economic benefits to the country as it climbs up the ladder in space technology and becomes an excellent hub for businesses. 


INDIA TOUCHES THE MOON:- The Successful Landing of Chandrayaan-3

After successfully launching Chandrayaan-3 on the moon, India launched a spacecraft called Aditya-L1 to explore the Sun’s outer atmosphere. It is an addition to India’s determination when the spacecraft was launched on 2 September 2023 from the Launch Pad in Sriharikota, Southern India. The news of Chandrayaan-3 did not even dissolve when India got the ambition to establish Aditya L-1 to the Sun. The country has created history by proving to be a roller-coaster of success that never plans to stop. We all hope for the success of Aditya L-1

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