Influential Women Who Took Hijab As Their Symbol

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 01 February 2022 Last update: Wednesday، 01 February 2023
Influential Women Who Took Hijab As Their Symbol

Hijab is a symbol of Islam and an obligation for Muslime women while wearing it is a religious act, it is also for modesty in behavior, however Hijab is also an identity for strong women who decided to embrace their religion, and many strong and very successful women have worked their way to the top while embracing their Hijab and showing off its' beauty making a statement of freedom, love, and religion. 

Influential Women In UAE Who Wear Hijab

Do you know who those women are? Today we introduce you to top influential women who wear Hijab in UAE:

Raja Easa Al Gurg

Al Gurg is the managing director and vice-chairperson of UAE group ESAG Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group. This family-owned conglomerate has been in the business for more than 60 years! She has been working in this position for 30 years, talking about gender equality as well, she served as the president of the Dubai Businesswomen council and a board member of the Dubais' women association and the Dubai chamber of commerce and industry not only that, but she is also the first Emirati woman to be appointed for the board of HSBC Middle East, she ranked many times in Forbes lists of most powerful women and has always worn the traditional Islamic veil, making her an icon for successful Hijabi women!

Aisha Bin Bishr

She is the director-general of Smart Dubai, yes turning the country smart with more than 130 initiatives with the government, 

including the Dubai Data Initiative, the Happiness Agenda, and the Dubai Paperless Strategy.

She is leading smart projects. More than 62 government entities in Dubai benefitted from smart dubais' services during the pandemic; she also made it to the Forbes list of top powerful women in the middle east. 

Retta Adnan

Retta Adnan is a famous influencer, youtube, model, and brand owner! Yes, you did not read that wrongly; she owns a beauty brand despite being young; her passion and love for makeup and clothes, despite wearing the Hijab, did not stop her from becoming a very successful figure and a beautiful model top that.

Suzan AlSadi

Another Amazing influencer made our list with her love for fashion and numbers; she started her journey in 2014 when she co-founded Rozan Design, a modest fashion online store for all hijab lovers, and is an investment consultant in Respect Services Citizenship and Residency by Investment.
This is yet another example of strong young hijabi independent women leading the world with their beauty and success. 

Make your Hijab your pride as we celebrate Worlds' Hijab day; if you want to find out more, check out General Information About Hijab & Hijab Day in Uaemoments.