New Images Of Mars From UAE's Hope Probe

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 15 June 2021
New Images Of Mars From UAE's Hope Probe

Dubai’s Media Office shared multiple monochromatic images of Mars across various altitudes have been captured by the UAE's Hope Probe.

The images were taken by EXI using its 635 nm filter during an orbit of the Red Planet between May 5 and 6.

"Before using these images for scientific analysis, corrections has to be made where possible for any impacts associated with the detector and optics, as well as those that occur as part of being in orbit around Mars such as cosmic rays," the Hope Mars Mission explained in a series of Tweets.

The UAE made history in February as the Hope Probe reached Mars’ orbit after a seven-month journey making it the first Arab country to reach the Red planet. The Hope Probe entered Mars’ at 8.13pm on February 9, 2021.

Previously, four countries have reached Mars while only two were successful from to the first attempt, and the UAE is in now the fifth in the world.

Image Credit: DMO

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