“Back to School” Offers to Sweep Markets & Raise Competitiveness

  • Publish date: Sunday، 21 August 2022
“Back to School” Offers to Sweep Markets & Raise Competitiveness

The UAE’s markets witnessed remarkable competitive manifestations between e-commerce platforms and outlets, in offering "back to school" offers, which included expanded discounts to attract consumers.

Discounts ranging between 20% and 75% were monitored through sales outlets on a number of goods, including school bags, shoes, clothes, stationery, pens, computers, and tablets, while the percentage of discounts through e-commerce platforms reached 85%. Some platforms have actually launched their offers in the markets, while others have announced dates for the launch next week with the percentage of the included discounts.

Consumers reported that the increase in offers in online platforms and retail stores is a positive phenomenon that provides shopping alternatives.

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