World's Largest LEGO Store Opens at Dubai International Airport

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 30 January 2024
World's Largest LEGO Store Opens at Dubai International Airport

Dubai International Airport (DXB) has officially opened the world's largest LEGO store in collaboration with Lagardère Travel Retail and LEGO, providing travelers with an immersive retail experience. Situated in Terminal 3, B Gates, the expansive store covers 190 square meters and boasts a design resembling giant LEGO bricks.

Dubai International Airport LEGO

Features of the Store

The newly opened LEGO store at DXB offers multiple interactive zones and spaces for customers to explore. Notably, it introduces Digibox, an Augmented Reality (AR) experience showcasing LEGO sets in real-life scenarios, emphasizing engagement and education.

World’s largest LEGO store opens at Dubai International Airport

Top-Class Brand Experience

Featuring installations such as the Dubai skyline made of 33,219 bricks and a 3D LEGO pilot, the store aims to provide a spellbinding brand experience. Annette Rosendahl, Head of Travel Retail at LEGO Travel Retail Development, highlighted the store's role in inspiring creativity and imagination among passengers.