A Severe Heat Wave Hits Several Parts of Europe

  • Publish date: Sunday، 19 June 2022
A Severe Heat Wave Hits Several Parts of Europe

Contrary to what we are acquainted with, Europe is facing a severe heat wave that hits a number of regions, reaching a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius. In light of this, France has placed 11 regions on high alert, and one of its regions prevented holding events in open spaces.

While Spain worked to evacuate 14 villages inhabited by hundreds of residents to mitigate the effects of the expected forest fires, whilst firefighters are working in full swing to control forest fires raging in several regions of the country.

As for Italy, it is sharing the suffering with them, as it faces an unprecedented rise in temperatures, especially in the northern regions, with drought inflicting severe damage on farmers.

In light of this unprecedented heat wave, the Czech Republic is preparing for fires and possible damage to rail transport. Among the affected areas, Portugal, where temperatures reached record levels threatening a wave of drought, given the sharply low levels of water in Portugal's reservoirs.

Scientists warn that the multiplication, intensification, and prolonged heat waves exacerbated by greenhouse gas emissions are an unmistakable signal of global warming.

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