This Emirati is Touring Europe in his Car

  • Publish date: Friday، 18 August 2023
This Emirati is Touring Europe in his Car

An Emirati traveller Sultan Alzaabi is touring Europe in his car Azzam, which he got shipped from the UAE to Bremen, Germany in May 2023.

He began his journey in Germany, then he travelled to the UK, Austria, Poland, Italy, Türkiye, and many other countries. 

Alzaabi plans to travel all through Europe before returning to Abu Dhabi.

He shares his journey on his Instagram page and YouTube channel.

His Instagram page features various scenic views of mountains, fields, and cityscapes. 

From dreary skies to sunny places, the Emirati traveller seems to have seen it all, but he still has many more places to visit. 

If you like to follow travel vlogs, then check out Sultan Alzaabi's content!

Image source: @sultan_alzaabi55 Instagram page

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