Why Booster Shots Are 80% Effective Against Omicron Variant?

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 04 January 2022
Why Booster Shots Are 80% Effective Against Omicron Variant?

The latest researches suggest that a Covid-booster shot will be very effective. It might go up to 85% for protection against covid-19 Omicron; while it is not like older variants, this does mean, however, that it will keep people out of the hospital as much as possible.
The protection is a bit less than vaccines given against earlier versions of Covid.

We still do not have enough information if Omicron is a mild virus or a severe virus.
However, in general, vaccines are given to help the body fight against covid; the current ones are not designed to fight over the heavily-mutated Omicron variant.


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The current vaccines are not a perfect match for the Omicron variant.
However, Severe disease from Omicron has 80% less chance to happen, while for example, the vaccines protect around 97% against Delta variant. 

It is not only the vaccines that protect us from covid-19. T-cells fight off Covid-19.
There is a massive difference in the estimates. The only way to ensure how effective the booster is against covid-19 new omicron variant is through real-world data and the hospitalization in the ICU, based on numbers and deaths.

The issue with Omicron is not the dangers of it as a variant but of the pressure, it might put on the healthcare system in terms of beds and hospitalization. As more covid-19 patients need urgent care, the more pressure it puts on the hospitals in terms of ICU bed capacities and the machines there, so the real question is, is Omicron the last mutant and variant to spread? That is left up to the future, and there are studies; however, that indicates that covid-19 variants that do not cause any danger and are weaker are good to boost the community immunity if they spread, but no one knows for sure if Omicron is 100% a soft variant or if it might cause severe symptoms in those who are vaccinated or not vaccinated.

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