Abu Dhabi Launched a Futuristic Life-Saving Xturismo Hoverbike

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 15 March 2023
Abu Dhabi Launched a Futuristic Life-Saving Xturismo Hoverbike

A new and futuristic flying bike, the Xturismo Hoverbike, has been revealed in Abu Dhabi, and it is expected to play a crucial role in search and rescue operations.

Made of high-strength carbon fiber, the recently launched hoverbike weighs 300kg and can reach a height of 20 meters, and fly at 80 kph for up to 40 minutes before it needs to refuel. This enables it to navigate through challenging and inaccessible terrains and hard-to-reach locations, which makes it an ideal vehicle for emergency services, and search & rescue operations, particularly in difficult terrains like deserts.

The vehicle is powered by a turbocharged four-stroke Kawasaki gasoline motorbike racing engine capable of generating 230 horsepower.

The bike has been developed by Bayanat, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi-based artificial intelligence firm G42, which collaborated with Japanese aerial mobility company Aerwins Technologies to create this futuristic hoverbike.

The vehicle was showcased at a recent event held in Yas Bay and was attended by several dignitaries including representatives from Abu Dhabi Police, the Ministry of Health, and the Department of Culture and Tourism.

Bayanat's CEO, Hasan Al Hosani, has confirmed that trials for the hoverbike have already been conducted in Japan through their partnership with Aerwins Technologies. The results of the trials have been positive, and plans are in place to begin production of the vehicle in the UAE.

According to Bayanat's CEO, he also stated that the hoverbike has the potential to be utilized in various sectors such as the oil and gas industry, civil defense operations, and construction.

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