Abu Dhabi Launches 'Clean Your Perimeter'

  • Publish date: Monday، 18 July 2022
Abu Dhabi Launches 'Clean Your Perimeter'
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The Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD) launched ‘Clean Your Perimeter’ campaign to help industrial entities to adopt more sustainable waste management practices and minimise single-use plastics consumption.

The ‘Clean your Perimeter’ campaign started this May and will last until December 2022. The objectives include educating industrial facilities and helping them increase their environmental awareness regarding the importance of keeping Abu Dhabi clean and engaging employees in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities such as Citizen Science clean-ups of nearby areas.

This is in addition to supporting citizen science research on the volume of single-use plastics and other types of waste entering the environment.

Facilities are requested to conduct internal awareness sessions for all employees, including supervisors, contractors, security teams and broader support staff such as truck drivers, on how to reduce the impact of littering and help protect the shared environment. Circulation of internal awareness collaterals such as facts, infographic videos and more will support the outreach.

Last year EAD held nine public clean-ups and gathered more than 3 tonnes of waste, measured by weighing the waste collected during the activity.